By Anna Forsberg On Thursday, July 11 th, 2013 · one Comment · In
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Last week after having spent over an hour at the grocery store, walking with an overflowing cart, I remembered that I needed to get pancake mix – an ingredient that was seemingly miles away. All I wanted to do was get home, so instead I opted to buy the organic pancake mix I saw just a couple of steps away. As I was glancing at all the different varieties of organic mixes, I came across Brewer’s Yeast. I read about this product when my son was first born and tried it in my lactation cookies, but hadn’t actually considered putting in in a daily drink. It was a bit serendipitous to run across this again; after exclusively breastfeeding for 9 months I’ve started to worry and wonder if my son is getting all the milk he needs. He’s in the 90th percentile for weight so obviously it’s a silly concern, but nonetheless was something that was on my mind.

I bought the Brewer’s Yeast and read the back, saying you can mix it into a drink. I poured myself a glass of water and mixed in the recommended serving size of two tablespoons. The container said it dissolves quickly, but I found that to not be the case at all. In my cookies it at least blended into the rest of the ingredients as oatmeal would. In water, the particles seemed to just kind of float around. Despite the less-than-appetizing appearance of the drink, I sipped away. I was happily satisfied with the nutty, wheat-ish flavor it added to the water and found it to be an easily consumable daily beverage.

I’ve drank this now once a day for about a week and I feel I’ve definitely upped my lactation abilities! My husband and I are contemplating a trip to Boston before our little man has reached the one-year mark. I’ve had serious reservations about leaving him as he is, as I said, exclusively breastfed. This boy is a breast milk connoisseur, rejecting anything besides milk from Mommy. Thankfully with the help of Brewer’s Yeast, I’ve been able to pump (and freeze) an excess of milk recently that gives me hope we can actually take that trip!

Here are the deets on the benefits of Brewer’s Yeast (per two tablespoons/serving): 

The Three Most Important Parts

  • Choline – helps transport fat through the body (and get the good DHA, etc. nutrients to those boobies!), aids in nerve development, cell membrane growth, and brain and muscle functions.
  • Para-amino Benzoic Acid – Prevents folic acid and pantothenic acid deficiency, and is a good antioxidant.
  • RNA/DNA  – Sounds weird, right? But it actually is a naturally-occurring substance in Brewer’s Yeast that helps your body replenish cells and support the needs of body tissues.


So think about trying out Brewer’s Yeast for breastfeeding! If you’re not into drinking this stuff, try putting into a quinoa salad or mixed in with jam on your whole wheat toast (since it already tastes like wheat).